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Meal prep is where it’s at! Meal prepping can not only save money, but it prevents eating unhealthful last-minute choices. Here’s where to start if you’ve never meal prepped before.

Pick A Meal (or Two) – Trying to prep an entire week’s worth of every meal you’re going to eat is too much pressure to start. Pick one or two meals where you feel like you could make better choices, and start there. For example, maybe during the week you eat breakfast and dinner at home, but end up grabbing fast food on the run for lunch. Start by prepping lunch!

Good Containers – Invest in some quality containers that seal well and are microwave safe. That way your food stays fresh and can go from prep, to fridge, to microwave.

Make A Plan – Don’t just wander the aisles of the grocery store trying to figure out what you need in real time. Look up recipes, figure out how much of each ingredient you need to fit your diet plan, and make a list. The easier the recipe, the better, as meal prep isn’t the time to see if you could hack it as a celebrity chef. This doesn’t mean the meals have to be boring, but don’t pick meals that include a ton of different ingredients, or have a bunch of different steps. Pro Tip: You can prep a meal base of protein, whole grain, and veggie, and then switch things up with different sauces or spices.

Pick A Time – Set aside a day when you’re going to prepare your meals. Sunday is a popular day as it’s right before the week starts, but choose what’s best for you. You can even break it up into two different times during the week. Bottom line, it has to work with your schedule, or you’re going to give up.

Prep! – It’s time to cook! Look at your recipes and try to multitask. Can a few things go in the oven at the same time because they cook at the same temperature? What else can you be working on while the water boils? Prepping takes time, but it doesn’t have to take for-ev-er.

Pack It Up – Get out those nice containers and put everything together. Measure out any snacks you want to take for your day and get those sealed up too. Now all you have to do in the morning is throw your containers for the day in a bag or travel cooler and you’re out the door!

It’s time to get started on your meal prep! Remember to begin slowly and select just one or two meals to prepare. Once you’re used to meal prep you can take on a whole week of meals in one day. We found some great recipes and tips which are linked below to get you on the path to prep.

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