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Life can be so busy and no one likes feeling stressed! If you’re running around with a million things on your to-do list, you might get that familiar overwhelmed feeling creeping in. Take a moment to relax and calm your body and mind with these easy Yoga poses. You can do these on a Yoga mat if you have one, or on any surface that is comfortable enough for your practice (such as carpeted floor or even your bed for certain poses).

Start first with proper breathing. Calmly sit with your legs crossed and back straight. Place your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Slowly breathe in, noticing how your chest rises, and then breathe out, letting your chest fall and the stress of the day go with your exhale.

Child’s Pose: Sit on your heels, with the front of your feet flat on the ground, toes pointed back. Slowly roll forward, bringing your body to your knees, and reaching your arms out palms down. Rest your forehead on your mat. Stay in this position and breathe while you clear your mind.

Cat Pose: Start on your hands and knees, make sure your shins and tops of your feet are flat on your mat and your toes are pointed backward. Your palms should be flat on your mat with your fingers spread out. Slowly round your back upward, letting your head and neck completely relax so that the crown of your head is hanging down. This is an excellent pose to bring your focus into your body. Remember to keep breathing!

Corpse Pose: A great place to end your relaxation practice. Lie on your back with your legs flat and arms to your side, palms up. You may want to add support under your knees for comfort of the spine. Close your eyes, and feel each part of your body relax from your toes all the way up to the top of your head. Always remember to breathe.

Hold these poses for about 5 minutes each, or as long as you like to clear your mind and rest your body. After, we hope you’re feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of your day or a great night’s sleep!

Remember, you know your body best! If you have chronic pain or injuries, please consult with your physician or a certified instructor before attempting any pose.