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There are many benefits to buying organic products, but what is organic? Organic refers to the way that food that is grown or animals that are raised. Organic crops are free of pesticides (or use natural pesticides), are free of GMOs, and use certain types of fertilizers. Livestock from an organic environment are given organic feed and are raised without the use antibiotics, growth hormones, or other animal by-products.

One of the big benefits to purchasing organic food is that, unlike conventional food, it is grown without synthetic pesticides, utilizing natural pesticides if needed. Synthetic pesticides can be harmful to the animals and insects living in the environment around the crops. Also, pesticides can leave a residue on our food, thereby getting into our bodies. Instead, when needed, organic farmers implement the use of natural pesticides which are considered to be less toxic and less harmful to the environment.

In addition to pesticide practices, it’s believed that organic farming is better for the environment in a few other ways. Organic practices often use less water conserving the precious resource and preventing soil erosion. Plus, it can also preserve the soil quality for future crops. Even the types of fertilizers used in organic farming are considered best for the environment.

Organic food is often considered to be the most fresh available. Since organic foods can’t use synthetic preservatives, these fruits and veggies must be harvested and sold quickly to maintain freshness.

Meat and milk gained from organically raised livestock is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and animal by-products. Also, these animals are generally provided space to move around freely. The overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming can create resistant bacteria, which is then harder to eradicate and causes further and stronger antibiotic use.

Overall, organic products provide a cleaner, fresher, more environmentally friendly, and more humane source of nutrition.